Gillian Eichenberger is a Bay Area actor and singer who’s thrilled to be a part of this fierce band of performers. She studied Theatre Performance at San Francisco State University with a focus in musical theatre. Favorite past roles include Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy with Novato Theatre Company and the dual role of Caroline/Mary in ​Old Money  with Ross Valley Players. She also loves performing new works by local artists and has been featured in sketch comedy shows with Do It Live Productions as well as readings of fiction with Action Fiction.

Jon Siegel has been a member of the San Francisco/Bay Area Poetry Community for a number of years. He owns and operates Viracocha SF which is a hotbed of performance arts in the city. He is a writer, poet, photographer and community organizer and has hosted events such as Poetry Mission. He's also been a contributing member to 16th & Mission's "Collaborative Arts Insurgency" group. He is the author of "Ironing The Pants of Time" (Seven7h Tangent Press) among other creative works, including a fistful of popular anthologies.

Autumn Turley is from Magic Land.  She currently exists as a Violinist, Massage Practitioner, and Poet.  She primarily triangulates between her home bases of Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Angwin, CA.  Her personal projects include playing electric violin in Santa Cruz-based experimental music project Of Dust and Dreams, performing massage at dance events, farmers markets, festivals, and other public spaces, helping run Zana Dance in Santa Cruz, and writing the sequel to her poetry book, Ashes

Todd Siegel is highly playful with language, writing live poetry within text messages and simply cannot stop himself from perpetual phrase turning while wandering with friends & his infinitely lovely wife, Cybele - with whom he co-produced this Word Performance series. He performs his experimental poetry, rich in puns and anagrams – a modern commentary on the Silicon Valley non-reality.Type your paragraph here.

Megs Meghan Rutigliano​'s sensational vocals and fiery stage presence cast a spell on every audience. A singer, burlesque performer, and actress, Megs performs with the MegaFlame Big Band and Cabaret, Hubba Hubba Revue, and with literary group Action Fiction. 

Steven Gray is a poet, writer and photographer based in San Francisco. He won an Honorable Mention in the 2010 Jack Kerouac Poetry Contest and is a popular performer at Bay Area literary events. His synergetic guitar accompaniment of poets won him widespread recognition. He is the author of two books of poetry, Jet Shockand Culture Lag (2012), and Shadow on the Rocks (2011) as well as the musical  album "Three-Legged Woman." Steven writes reviews for His website is​​

A Bay Area dancer, performer and model, Edie Eve travels and performs around the world: Tokyo, South Korea, and Hawaii; Chicago, Los Angeles and Portland. She has performed burlesque, ballet, belly dancing and aerial arts at various venues, including The Uptown in Oakland, The Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco and for a plethora of private events. She is very excited to be performing with us come November.

Sarah Page is a San Francisco poet, short story writer and journalist who publishes and edits the poetry magazine, Out of Our. She is a member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade and helped start Occupy San Francisco. Sarah has performed on both US coasts and has been published by numerous literary journals and websites.

Paul Corman-Roberts studied professional acting for five years in Las Vegas, where he co-founded the Nellis Theater Company and the Wasteland Comedy Troupe. Later emigrating to the Bay Area, he became a full time poet while integrating his love of dialogue and outrageous stage presentation by studying at New College of California. He is the author of four collections of poems, the most recent one being Notes From An Orgy, and is a co-founder of the Beast Crawl Literary Festival. Paul Corman-Roberts has been called the "Zeus of the Beast Generation" for his thunderous performances.

Cybele Zufolo Siegel studied ballet at the School of American Ballet and was a dancer with the New York City Ballet Co. for seven years as a youth. She danced in Japan and in off-Broadway plays. Cybele and her amazing husband Todd Siegel are the founders of the Word Performances reading series. Cybele performs a unique blend of her poetry and ballet. Her debut book of poetry and essays is forthcoming in 2015.Type your paragraph here.

Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky are radical surrealists of cosmopolitan origin. They perform poetry to music, dancing around the United States and Europe.
Zarina Zabrisky is the author of two short story collections and the critically acclaimed novel WE, MONSTERS. Her work was published in six countries. She is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee and a recipient of a 2013 Acker Award.
Simon Rogghe is a writer and translator of French surrealism and contemporary fiction, currently earning his Ph.D. in French literature at UC Berkeley. His work has appeared in over thirty literary journals.​

Yanina Gotsulsky is like a snow egret: a rare bright star you only see once in your lifetime. With her professional theater training and powerful literary talent, she runs over you with the grace of a flying bird and the force of a de Chirico locomotive. She is a writer, a translator, a linguist and a photographer who has published short stories, poetry, novels, politically incorrect essays and photographs. Yanina believes life is too short to only exhibit one facet of your soul.

A blend of music, art and dance brings poetry to life… 

One dazzling evening. Two unique literary shows:

Green Lions Féerie is a blend of theater, music, dance, artwork and choreography bringing poetry to life in this chamber opera cabaret at Chinatown's The Great Star Theater, the last original Chinese theater in San Francisco. Ballet dancers, musicians, actors and poets will stage a literary fireworks that leaves you breathless. Inspired by Diaghilev's Ballets Russes and Jodorowsky's ​Cabarets Mystiques, this show pushes experimental theater to the next level.

Word Performances is a reading series of poetry, prose, comedy, fiction and memoir where words are the lead, dance is featured, and music makes a cameo. 
"Word Performances has elements of the old-fashioned soiree but also something unexpected and curious. [...] If you believe the digital age has killed literature, you'll need to think again." – 
Sylvie Simmons
, author of I'm Your Man, The Life of Leonard Cohen
"[...] something akin to finding yourself inside a marvelous Literary Carnival where a cavalcade of uber-talented players delight, amuse, enlighten, play, sing, dance and revel." – Lisa Miller, author


"Green Lions and the Roar of the Ballets Russes" by Ginger Murray

"Green Lions and Word Performances spark at Great Star Theater" by Leigh Donlan

Co-produced by Zarina ZabriskySimon RoggheTodd Siegel and Cybele Zufolo-Siegel.