Litcrawl San Francisco 2017

Green Lions Féerie (A Literary Theater)

Queretaro Madley Duet (with Zarina Zabrisky)

Queen Arizona (with Zarina Zabrisky)

Hats and Feathers (with Zarina Zabrisky)

In Flanders' Fields

Simon Rogghe starred in his first play at Ghent's contemporary theater 'De Kopergietery' at nine years old and studied percussion and symphony at the Flanders Music Academy. Believing that literature is synesthetic, including vision, movement, sound and texture, he stages his writing both individually and in collaboration with his partner and co-writer Zarina Zabrisky, performing to choreography and music ranging from Schnittke and Satie to Jim Morrison and The Doors.

Copyright © Simon Rogghe. All rights reserved.

Valentine's Medley (with Zarina Zabrisky)

Swedish Chef Blues

Nocturne of the Left Bank (Paris)

Rainy Day in Seattle (with Zarina Zabrisky)