Tender Neighbors
& Other Stories

A short story collection

by Sven Hansen-Løve, 
with translations by Simon Rogghe, 
published by Paris Lit Up Press.

Sven Hansen-Løve explores the painful isolation and droll absurdity of contemporary life. ​From the ghosts of two ancient mariners stealing whiskey in the middle of the night, to a mysteriously violent and politically charged porn flick found in the dark recesses of the net—this debut work takes us on an emotional but often hilarious ride.

Copyright © Simon Rogghe. All rights reserved.

© photo by Klara Bobaly

"I experience literary translation as something at once fluid, solid and extremely porous – likely a result of my background. Born in Philadephia but raised in Belgium, I spoke English in daycare, Dutch at home, and learned French early on. Because these three languages coexisted in myself, alternating, blending, I never considered that I had a native language. At times, I still forget in which language I am thinking or dreaming." – Simon Rogghe, Translator's Note, Lunch Ticket

Short Stories by Sven Hansen-Löve

(Translated from the French by Simon Rogghe):

A Life's Work, Tammy Journal, November 2015

Boxes and Plastic Wrap, Your Impossible Voice, June 2014 

TakeoffLunch Ticket, June 2014 

Room ServiceLeft Hand of the Father, January 2014 

Harmless WordsCrack the Spine, December 2013 

Two Lost SoulsParis Lit Up, October 2013