​Sven Hansen-Løve explores the painful isolation and droll absurdity of contemporary life. ​From the ghosts of two ancient mariners stealing whiskey in the middle of the night, to a mysteriously violent and politically charged porn flick found in the dark recesses of the net—this debut work takes us on an emotional but often hilarious ride.

"… all I want to do is to return to the book and drown my day in layers of sensual reality, that magical sweet spot of being. Suspended by words, held by Green Lions." – Nadine Sellers, Last Known Nest

"… out of this world. … This is a mesmerising work that will pull you in like poetry should. The poets complement each other perfectly. They are truly two souls entwined into one." – Kevin Cooper, Kev's Blog

"Merging the radical collaboration of the surrealists with the entirely personal secrets of alchemy, they initiate a manual for transformation…" – David Higgins

"a hugely multifaceted, multigenred piece of art. The words exist as a buoy in the ocean that moves with the swell continuously but never reaches a shore, thus it is and always will be moving slowly and rhythmically."

– Kim Koga, Grab the Lapels 

"I’ve not read a collaborative work that came together so well as Green Lions, especially one that is so easy and profound to fall into, and is both unforgettable and entertaining." –  Marie Lecrivain, Al-Khemia Poetica

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Poetic Justice

A poetry collection published by Nostrovia Press.

Green Lions
Collaborative poetry and artwork published by Numina Press.

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Simon Rogghe


​"what does love got to do with it?" – Up The Staircase Quarterly​​

"… had a dream about Alec Baldwin …" – Pure Coincidence Magazine

"Black Magic Theatre, staging texts by Gogol, Babel and Bulgakov…" – Critical Stages

"Art Opening: Jung, Jodorowsky, and Inner Magic" – Nomadic Press 

"an incitement to place exploration above blind conformity… teeters on the edge of the cliff in youthful immortality…" – David Higgins, Nostrovia! Reviews

Tender Neighbors

& Other Stories

A short story collection by Sven Hansen-Løve,

with translations by Simon Rogghe, 

published by Paris Lit Up Press.